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"There isn't a better songwriter down in Texas at the moment than Jamie Lin Wilson... Jumping Over Rocks is crisp, clean and refreshing with Wilson's delicate storytelling and earthy vocals doing most of the work." - Wide Open Country

"Her music showcases a real gift for communicating confusing romance and
unimaginable loss with vivid storytelling and vocal verve." - Cowboys & Indians Magazine

"Much like the emotionally gut-wrenching “The Being Gone,” Wilson’s Jumping Over Rocks finds the songwriter examining the ups and downs of relationships, the maturation of individuals and how life takes its toll on us all with sharp character studies and deeply contemplative sketches. Her demanding vocals are out in front while a bed of rich and rootsy arrangements lay beneath." - Wide Open Country

"Jamie Lin Wilson has always carried a particular wit about her songwriting. Straight-shooting but never shallow, Wilson inhabits a particular cross-section of Americana that blends honest-to-goodness country with storyteller's folk. It's a line that few artists have been able to ride for as long and as balanced as Wilson has, but those that have are icons—John Prine, Guy Clark, Emmylou Harris. The songs of which her new album, Jumping Over Rocks, is comprised are fine evidence of that artful, personable finesse." - POPMATTERS